About us

Iron Horse Equine, offering the highest quality available in staff, equipment and facilities, was founded Dr. Tami Sorley. She has been practicing equine veterinary medicine in Douglas and Elbert counties since 1989. After 24 years of providing reliable ambulatory service, Dr. Sorley came to recognize the need for options, for horse owners and referring veterinarians alike. In 2014, she upgraded all diagnostic equipment and established a full service equine hospital and elective surgery center, located central to the large surrounding horse population. Hence, the practice evolved into Iron Horse Equine Medical & Surgical Services. In 2021, Dr. Sorley retired and the practice was acquired by Dr. Mindy Smith.

The clinic adjoins Elizabeth Animal Hospital and is conveniently accessed on Highway 86 in Elizabeth, Colorado. This well equipped facility allows the team at Iron Horse Equine to provide advanced medical and surgical care to horses that cannot be treated in the field. Iron Horse Equine continues to provide ambulatory and 24/7 emergency service.